lightweight concrete, foamed concrete, lightweight ceramics,landfill cover  

      lightweight concrete, foamed concrete, lightweight ceramics,landfill cover


Foamed Concrete and Lightweight Concrete - With densities from over 1,450 kg/m3 (90 pcf) to as low as 48 kg/m3 (3 pcf) for geotechnical engineering & landscape architecture, lightweight concrete roof deck, lightweight wall and floor  panels partitions lightweight concrete blocks insulative cinder block inserts.

Fleixible Foam Cement Composites High flexural strength, good Mandrel bending behavior without cracking, good adhesion, exterior durability and excellent water resistance.

Landfill Cover, Odor Control & Site Remediation - Allied pervious & non-pervious foamed cement are capable for waste encapsulation, immobilization, soil stabilization and leachate filtration. Allied long lasting foam, applied as a surface cover on landfill sites and effluent ponds and lagoons, will effectively suppress noxious odors, vapors, litter and vectors, avoiding serious environmental issues.

Lightweight Ceramics & Foam Ceramics - with densities as low as 23 kg/m3 (1.5 pcf)  for fabrication of insulative and high temperature resistant ceramic foams.

Pervious Foam Cement & Acoustic Foam Cement - Allied chemically engineered open and closed pore properties within their cell structure are very similar to that of urethane and polystyrene foams, but without their associated poor fire resistance, yet with outdoor durability and great cost advantage.

Insulative Firebricks -with excellent strength and thermal shock resistance for fabrication of  durable firebricks used as high performance insulative materials for kilns and incinerators.

Geopolymer Foam - Flexible and very light (< 1.5 pcf or 24 kg/m3). Various geopolymer foam composites can achieve insulative value R > 3.8 per inch and fire resistance.

Foam Coatings & Binders - Using a foamable mixture as an expansion agent permits application of a controlled film thickness with improved resin distribution and penetration into the fabric fibers. Foam textile binders dry quickly without causing fiber distortion.

Foamed Adhesives - Using adhesives, based on Allied's foam system, will reduce adhesive consumption and prevent adhesive absorption by porous substrates. 

Firefighting Foam -Specially formulated foam from Allied can be used as long duration fire fighting barriers for  the containment of forest fires.


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