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Recent News : 2015

1. Allied Foam Tech has been awarded by USCA as the best chem machinery & equipment manufacturer in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania in 2009-2011, 2013, 2014 & 2015.

2. April 30, 2014 - Our innovation on "Wood-like Flexible Cementitious Foam" (click here for Details) received silver medal of the 2014 Edison Awards and  we are joining the rank of winners like Apple, 3M, Boeing, and other current and past winners. Edison Awards will promote Allied's innovation to a wide variety of business press and media outlets.

Features of Allied's Foam Products

Excellent Foam Stability - Aqueous foams derived from Allied's foam products will maintain foam stability for hours or longer. This ensures that the foamed cement and concrete maintain  fine and uniform foam texture throughout the whole hardening process.

Wide Spectrum of Rheological Properties - The dynamic nature of the Allied's foam systems allow different foam rheology to be incorporated into the host matrix to satisfy a wide range of coating and slump loss requirements in different applications.

Broad Compatibility with Various User's Formulations - Allied's foams, unlike the conventional surfactant or protein based foams, are quite compatible with different kinds of aggregates,  fillers, extenders,  retarders, accelerators, colorants, various hydraulic inorganics and many other additives.


Foam Products
(All of Allied's foam products are supplied in concentrated form and are available in 55 gal. drums or totes.)


AFT-300 series of products provide foam coatings with required flow characteristics and film forming properties. Water resistance and stiffness of the AFT-300 based foams make them ideal as an effective landfill cover and for odor control. Fired ceramic foams from AFT-300 maintain fine pore size, excellent mechanical strengths and thermal shock resistance. Foamed cement and concrete based on the AFT-300 system  not only possess good insulative properties they also exhibit excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance and good durability  at a cast thickness of as low as 0.64 cm (1/4 inch). Conventional cementitious foams usually become friable and powdery at such thickness.

AFT 400 series of foam products provide substrates such as cement and concrete with very low water uptake. Cementitious foams at densities as low as one tenth (1/10) that of dense concrete may still maintain lower than 15 % (by volume) water uptake in a 24 hour water immersion test.

AFT-400 provides foamed cement and concrete with excellent early (one day) and 28 day compressive strengths and high water resistance. Such materials are ideal for load bearing or light load bearing panels, blocks, and bricks.

Foamed cement at densities as low as 50 kg/m3 (3 pcf ) with fine cell size can be made with AFT-400. Such highly insulative, very low density cementitious foams, with their high R value and non-flammability, are ideal core materials as wall fill and cinder block inserts.  

AFT-500 series of polymeric foam products are specifically developed for coating and adhesive applications. 
Foam Generators
AFT G- series of foam generators are economical, mobile and compact. Output of these foamers are from a few liters to hundreds of liters of foam per minute. The equipment can be locally operated, remotely controlled or wired to control panels for plant operations.

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